Energy Modeling2018-09-05T13:22:30+00:00

Data Collection

1. Conduct Data Collection and analysis.
2. Perform Design calculations as necessary.
3. Perform Site visit, meeting.
4. Submit Progress Report.

Construction Documents Modeling Support

1. Review and submit modeling data to support LEED credits such as EAp2, EAc1, and EAc2.
2. Re-model and re-submit when required
3. Submit Progress Report.

Preliminary Design modeling

1. Perform Modelling and simulation in accordance with ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G and associated referenced standards.
2. Submit Recommendations for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and expected LEED credit point thresholds.
3. Submit Progress Report.

Detailed Design Modeling

1. Complete Energy Model.
2. Analyze and benchmark the baseline model.
3. Conduct building envelope and mechanical systems impact analysis on the overall energy performance
4. Submit Progress Report.