Ain Al Fayda 2000 Villas

Ain Al Fayda 2000 Villas2023-04-18T14:28:51+00:00

Project Description

Ain Al Fayda 2000 Villas Development

Envelope Verification:

  1. Air Tightness Testing using Blower-Door Method.
  2. Envelope Inspection using InfraRed Imaging.
  3. Water Ingress Testing for curtainwalls using Pressure Hose Method.

Al Ain City, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Ain Al Fayda 2000 Villas are comprised of G+1 floors; each villa includes four Bedrooms, Master Bedroom, Maid’s Room, Living & Dining, Majlis, Kitchen, Laundry and Bathrooms, with GFA of 382 sq. meter per villa.

Multiple villas have been tested, where Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council’s (UPC) selected the test villas.

The Air Tightness test has strictly followed ASTM Standard E779-03 procedure and guidelines, which has been ensured by Salimus test engineers. Envelope Inspection has also been conducted as per ASTM Standard E1186-03.

Water Ingress Test followed AAMA Standard 501.2-03 using Monarch’s original test kit as per the standard.