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Russian Green Building Council Elected a New Leader

Vladimir Limin

Vladimir Limin, new CEO of RuGBC

After 6 years as CEO and co-founder of Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC), Green Building pioneer Guy Eames has stepped down and a new CEO has been elected by members. As an NP (Non commercial partnership), RuGBC elects its CEO at its General Members meeting. From the three candidates Vladimir Limin (83%), eco-enterpreneur, beat the other two candidates Mark Andeya (9%) and Chairman Alexey Polyakov (8%) in voting.

“I am very excited at the level of support shown by members and the current opportunities for the green building industry in the Russian Federation. This is a time for change in Russia, when the construction and real estate industry and indeed the whole economy will rethink its business model – ideal timing for the green building concept” Limin.

Guy Eames

Guy Eames, former CEO of RuGBC

Members expressed regret that British-born Guy Eames is stepping down. Guy is well known in Russia and international green building circles as an active networker and proponent for integration of Russia into the global green building industry. His new mission is to bring building modelling simulation (BIM) to Central and Eastern Europe for IES Ltd (www.iesve.com).

“It has been an exciting journey and serious people no longer laugh at the idea of eco construction, which now dominates the global real estate and architectural business” Eames. “This is a fast growing industry worldwide with Building Modelling as one of the most interesting areas. Vladimir is a forward thinking person with a rich international (and Russian) experience who will do well in the post, bringing fresh ideas and continue the international feel of the green building industry”.

Link to original article on RuGBC website is here.

Salimus Acquires GSAS Service Provider Certificate -Design & Build-

Salimus Acquires GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) Service Provider -Design & Build-Certificate from GORD (Gulf Organisation for Research & Development), which officially enables Salimus to provide sustainability consultancy services for projects in Qatar under GSAS rating system.

Mr. Vladimir Limin, the CEO of Salimus, acquires CGP (Certified Green Professional) certificate under GSAS rating system.